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Staffed by volunteers - with funding assistance provided by:
The Lion Foundation NZ Community Trust The Pelorus Trust TrustHouse Community Enterprise

Introducing WMRS....

The Wellington Mountain Radio Service (WMRS) is a safety communications service for use by trampers, mountaineers and others venturing into the bush and mountain areas of New Zealand. In conjunction with other mountain radio services it provides communication coverage over the entire country.

This site explains the Service, how to use it, and related details.

Using the service....

  1. Make a booking to hire a lightweight (1.2kg) mountain radio to use during your expedition.
  2. Collect the radio from the depot selected when booking - or arrange courier delivery.
  3. To use the radio during your expedition set up the wire aerial (this takes a few minutes), connect the radio and select the channel. Instructions are supplied with the radio.
  4. On completion of the expedition return the radio to the depot with appropriate payment.

The Service uses HF radio (see Technical stuff for more details), works anywhere in NZ, and is easy to use. This is appropriate technology at work.

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Volunteers with a sound knowledge of the New Zealand mountains run the service and operate the base station providing a daily call-up (known as a "sked") for parties equipped with a mountain radio. WMRS base (JG) sked times are shown below with times for other bases included for reference.

BASE Daylight
JG Wellington NB Morning skeds at 08.00 only by request 8:00pm 6:30pm
ZKG22xx CNIMRS* 8:30pm 7:30pm
KU Hawkes Bay 7:30pm 7:00pm
IB South Island
(daytime monitoring when operators available)
12 noon
12 noon
*Central North Island Mountain Radio Service

During skeds the base operator provides mountain weather forecasts supplied by metservice and calls each party in turn. Users can indicate their location, intentions or changes of plan, and pass messages to the base operator for forwarding to their contact person.

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